Tribe Media

Tribe Media brings you unique and important newsletters primarily focused on addiction, recovery and mindset, but so much more, written by a core group of writers and featuring guest contributors.

Each month we will tackle a subject we feel is relevant to the current times, or that needs to be dived into deeper for our audience. Plus you will receive bonus emails from guests and the Tribe Media writers.

So, whether you’re struggling with an addiction or a destructive habit, or just need to flip your negative mindset then Tribe Media has you covered.

The content aims to raise awareness of important issues that Men need to hear, whilst giving advice and drawing from personal experiences.

We are forming a supportive Tribe for Men, to prevent unnecessary suffering and to provide a safe place to discuss a variety of issues.

We are here to help.

The Tribe consists of:

Roscoe - @BirthofClarity

James - @jameslanepm

Richard - @recovering_man

Alex - @selfconquering

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