🐱 Is Not The Prize

Written by Alex

Hey Tribe,

Welcome back!

This email contains some very valuable information for married guys, or in a LTR.


It’s also very interesting for single guys, because we all end up in a LTR at some point (usually) and you gotta set your mind right about your life.

Let me picture the standard course of actions real quick:

You meet a girl, she's hot af. You get together, you bang your brains out, you fall in love. You move in together. Years down the line you pop the question, you buy her a house, maybe kids already on the way.

What happens?

No sex.

This is usually the time, when guys go on the internet and find depressing subreddits like deadbedrooms where losers mourn how they don’t get any affection.



Some of them may come across the red pill, or even the marriedredpill sub and similar information.

All good and well.

Rise to the top

Usually in these subreddits, what is totally correctly displayed is to MAN THE FUCK UP. Get your shit together. Quit your porn addiction, stop fapping every day, hit the gym (hard!), get your finances in order, etc etc.

Pretty much what we teach you guys on this email list.

And it’s good and well. But people still have a misconception in their mind.

They do all these things thinking, “If I get myself set up, my wife will finally suck dick again.”

And here is the issue.

If you think like that you are STILL operating in her frame.

Her pussy is still the prize, and most importantly, she still has power over you.

The dancing monkey

This is called the dancing monkey. You do all these things, make yourself a better person, while she probably puts on a ton of weight because she never left the house at all, and she’s so stressed. Only to get her to put out.

Where are you in this equation?

You are still longing for external validation.

Because that is all that’s happening. The sex would validate yourself that you are doing good. Don’t matter how you think about yourself inside, as long as you get pussy, you done good.

You are a dancing monkey for her.

Sometimes this works, and you actually get a better sex-life back, but some women still notice this subconsciously. And while you do all these things, she still doesn’t fuck you (multiple stories on this).

So before you end up doing all these things without getting anything,

Ditch the pussy

Sounds weird, I know.

But focus on your damn self! All your self-improvement is for YOU. Stop focusing all your energy on getting to do XYZ. Because this will forever be a battle.

If you do the things for yourself, you will internalize your new self, and it will just flow out of you without issue.

And then, pussy will come on its own.

But you don’t care.

I mean that.

Learn to not care about sex. That’s how you’ll get most of it.

You’re a man. You have a mission.

You got shit to do. You don’t care about the fleeting pleasure of sex if you’re on your way to changing the world.

That is a true abundance mindset.

It takes time to cultivate such a mindset. This email alone won’t cut it. You have to repeat this to yourself each and every day.

Your mental origin has to be YOU.

Whatever you think about doing, you probably think what person A or B will be thinking about it, before you do it.

“I want to learn a martial art.” *What will my gf think about that?*

Who cares?

YOU want to do it!

She is not the center of the universe.

Go the fuck out and do it!

She is WITH you on YOUR path. And not vice versa.

Get out in the world and do whatever the fuck you want.

Mold your reality to your liking.

"The world is what I say it is. My world, my idea, my rules!"

- Quintus Curtius