Coronavirus: 5 Life Hacks For Self-Isolation

Written by Richard

Hey Tribe,

Welcome back!

Coronavirus is locking down countries around the world and creating mass anxiety, while we must take necessary precautions, we should also see this time as an opportunity to help others, enhance our self-development and find the positives that can only come from a tough situation.

This piece looks at 5 life hacks that we can practice during any time of self-isolation due to the coronavirus:

1: Reframe

News media, unwell people and social media often thrive on fear – this is why people are fighting in shops over toilet paper and mass buying tins of beans as if we’re facing a nuclear holocaust.

Remember, we are not.

Part of man’s ego is heavily invested in threat detection and this can make us a paranoid creature.

Worse still, when we’re in a fear state, we can be easily manipulated and pushed into a panic, which is when we begin to look for more and more security.

The problem with this is that we seek security in all the wrong places – ideologues, hyperbolic news, arrogant folks, etc, and this traps us in a cycle of anxiety.

This leads us to reframing.

If we constantly watch the news and fret about coronavirus we’ll make ourselves useless, ill even, yet if we start to see this time as an opportunity for growth, as a space in your year to invest in noble pursuits, this can become a time for transformation.

So, whenever you find yourself overloading on coronavirus news and opinion, take a step back, remember the basics and reaffirm that this time is an opportunity for you to learn, grow and show you’re reliable to others.

2: Welcome Sacrifice & Practice Gratitude

So many of our modern maladies in life stem from not being in a state of poverty, but having everything at our fingertips and having little regard to the value of it.

Our ancestors lived humble lives, disease was rampant, war an inevitability, and comfort nonexistent.

Our society has moved on leaps and bounds, creating a world in which one can live completely detached from the hard realities of life – holidays every year, shops always stocked with an array of delicious food, and computer games, porn and endless videos on YouTube to keep us contented.

The only problem is that it’s a lie that these things keep us contented.

Such things offer short-term pleasure, yet they do nothing to address the deeper inner yearning for meaning, peace and purpose that sits in every man’s soul.

We find meaning in our lives by finding transcendence from and meaning in our suffering.

This is why religious traditions often place such an emphasis on depriving oneself of sensual pleasures and greed, as spiritual masters know how toxic complacency and comfort can be for the soul.

While our materialistic society sees little value in the embedded practices of our spiritual forefathers, times like this show us their value and meaning.

Henceforth, we can use this time of self-isolation to reawaken this tradition, seeking to gladly give up comforts and hedonism in order to bring balance, peace and harmony to our soul level of being.

3: Make Stronger Social Bonds

Self-isolation is tricky because we need connection with others like we need food, water and sleep.

In fact, social isolation has been associated with increased inflammation in the body meaning it has physical ramifications, according to new research from the University of Surrey and Brunel University London.

Interestingly, researchers also identified that the link between social isolation and physical inflammation was more likely to be observed in males.

While it may seem odd to create stronger social bonds during a time of social distancing and self-isolation, there is an opportunity to reach out all the more to friends, family and acquaintances to solidify your relationships.

This has two key benefits.

One, it creates more trust, familiarity and oneness between you and others, improving your mental health no end, and two, it allows you to be of service.

If we revert back to the last point, so much of the modern world is about gratifying desires and acquiring things, yet this is largely a con, as giving and helping others provides you will much more long-term wellbeing than receiving.

Being willing to give also enhances your status as a responsible, dependable and trustworthy man.

4: Get Your Diet Sorted

Many folks ignore nutrition advice for the most part, seeing it as just not relevant.

Yet when an issue like coronavirus comes around, suddenly it all makes sense to have a healthy body and mind, as well as a strong immune system to fight off diseases, viruses and infections.

Whether you’ve been listening to your body and learning helpful material with regard to your health for year, or have been doing the complete opposite, there’s no time like the present to make positive change.

Further, don’t let this just be a fad during the coronavirus epidemic, make it a lifestyle.

Health – like truth – will always seek to spread once released into an environment, so maintaining a healthy diet is as much about your mind and soul as it is your body.

As a side note, many outlets are doing the rounds with advice to consume more vitamin C, zinc, fermented foods and ginger.

While this seems reasonable to me, don’t just believe everything you read online, make sure you fact check things by reputable sources – this is a great time to do your own research and build a knowledge base regarding nutrition and your health.

5: Meditate

Well if you’re self-isolating, it’d be rude not to give meditating a go right?

Meditation is so powerful because in it’s essence it’s taking us away from the noise of the mind, ego, social media, news and the drama of the day to focus on what’s here when we stop making noise.

When we’re still, listening and observant, we begin to touch a stillness that transcends worldly worry.

Some would even say we transcend physicality itself and enter into pure blemishless spirit, a place of peace, utter security and contentment that is free of the concerns of the egocentric self.

You may also want to check out The Silent Prayer, a practice that is between meditation and prayer, which requires no religious or spiritual belief or experience to partake in.

The Silent Prayer is central to the Recovering Man philosophy of finding peace, stillness and strength beyond the egocentric realm of worry and angst, so check it out below:

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