Fight Back The Darkness

Written by Roscoe

Hey Tribe,

Welcome back!

Life is hard.

Or so we've all heard.

Yes, things happen that aren't pleasant.

  • Loved ones get sick

  • You lose jobs

  • You go broke

  • People you love die

  • You suffer hardships

But sometimes, it's you that is simply making your own life hard.

Give yourself a chance

Stop putting yourself in positions to feel miserable and allowing the darkness to consume you, and actively start looking after yourself.

For some people, fighting back the negative, dark and depressing thoughts, is a daily mental challenge, but most of them are feeding these by repeating the same practices that have proven unsuccessful.

  • Refusing to break free from toxic relationships

  • Continuing to let social media nonsense effect them

  • Believing every little bit of mainstream media propaganda

  • Drinking and drugging to excessively, partying hard, whoring around and getting no sleep

These are not going to lead to a healthy, fulfilled life in the long run.

Short term gratification = long term chaos.

Give yourself the best chance of escaping your negative thoughts and stop constantly making life harder for yourself, by pursuing positive practices.

Start looking after yourself

  • Spend more time in nature

  • Spend more time breathing in fresh air

  • Spend more time feeding your mind & body healthily

  • Spend more exercising

  • Spend more time in silence / without digital distractions

  • Spend more time making genuine connections with real life people

  • Spend more time doing good deeds

  • Spend more time practicing gratitude, positive affirmations and meditation

It's easy to fall into the trap of over complicating your life, when the simplest way is to just get back to basics.

Clear your head and get out of your own way. Stop making life harder than it needs to be.

You need to be ready for when real things actually make life hard.

When you need to be there, and be strong & supportive for others.

Protect your mental health, fight back the darkness and stop making life hard for yourself.

Take care,