How to Find Your Inner Self

Written by Alex

Hey Tribe,

Welcome back!

You probably aren’t where you want to be.

Your life isn’t what it should be.

But you don’t know how to get where you want to be.

My question is: Do you even know what you want?


Most people don’t know what they actually care about. I didn’t either. So once I woke up from reality, and noticed that there’s something truly wrong with me, and society at large, I tried to get something going.

But what exactly?

What did I truly want to do?

I didn’t know!

Back then I was into cryptocurrencies. So I figured, that’s a thing. Let’s do that. So I started a (pretty bad) blog about it. I even tried to start a youtube channel with that.

Let’s just say that didn’t work out that well.

But not because the idea itself is bad. It’s because I wasn’t passionate about it.

See, I made some decent money with crypto (and still do), but I don’t care about charting, trading, or whatever shitcoin is currently the most hype.

I grew into a mindset that I don’t care too much about money anyway. Except as a tool. So why would I waste my time with these shallow markets?

Failing forward

The only way to truly find your passion is by trying everything that seems like it.

I then tried to start a blog about crypto AND mindset combined, and called it digitalexander. Stupid. That branding was WAY off.

I then wrote a full-fledged book about Bitcoin. It sold quite nicely (400 copies so far), probably because I put a year of research into it. But it didn’t feel right either.

Then I started a Webdesign company.

At first with Wordpress, then with Webflow.

I kinda like that, but it’s - again - not my passion.

What I did notice at that point, was, that I liked writing. Long-form writing. Putting my thoughts into words. I can write thousands of words each day, no problem.

But most importantly, I look forward to doing it.

This is the key.

When you truly look forward to doing something. If you don’t need motivation to do it, you just enjoy doing it. That is when you found your passion.

And only then will you be able to make a ton of money with it.

Everything worthwhile takes years to set up, get known, etc. The easiest way to pull something for years, is if you truly enjoy it.

And that’s how I ended up writing my first novel. Just shy of 80,000 words in under a year.

Maybe that isn’t 100% my passion either. Maybe I will ditch into comics, or graphic novels, or movie scripts? I don’t know yet.

But I am definitely closer to my soul.

Because I failed towards it.

And this is how you find it. Start anything you feel like, right now. Don’t give up after two weeks. Put months in, before you judge how it makes you feel. And then reassess.

That’s how you find your passion.

And that is how you change the world.