Make Time....For YOU Time!

Written by DadMan

Hey Tribe,

Welcome back!

Make Time....For YOU Time!

  • Gym, Walking, Seeing friends

  • Watching my beloved Brighton & Hove Albion FC, Snooker, Gaming

  • Reading, Learning a new language, Learning something new

  • Working on my side hustle, Writing, Homing my skills on an instrument

  • Playing with fellow musicians, Going to the Cinema with friends, Gazing up at the stars in my garden

  • Going for a drive, Walk along the beach, Surfing

  • Skating, Watching/ listening to TV, Radio, Podcasts, Sports

Just a few things I like to do in my ‘YOU-TIME’!

Admittedly, being a relatively young Dad of two (daughter 5yrs & son of 4 months), I am unable to partake in the above activities as much as a ‘younger’, less responsible version of myself would have done several years back. 

However, as much as family time is my priority & work is a must to earn the bread; with experience of knowing the rollercoaster & stresses that life brings, I make sure I undertake at least 2-3 of these activities weekly!

Why? Personally, because I have too.

For me. My wellbeing. My mental health. Because my hobbies, my interests are part of what forms my identity!

Knowing your identity is key. Living & participating in the things that make you - you, is vital for a peak positive mindset & to be the best you possible, in my opinion.

Getting the balance right is always a difficult act but we all need time for ourselves. To ourselves. To relax. To get stronger. To break away from the rat race. To recharge. To reflect. To grow.

Making time for you & taking control of your time will invigorate you. It will enable you to connect with friends or connect with new people whom share similar interests. It will fuse your drive & give you zest for life. 

It will make you better! Happy. Fulfilled!

It will also make your relationship with your partner stronger too, as you demonstrate your independence & potentially re-ignite an old passion, that once attracted your partner to you in the first place! Especially if it entails a more fitter, rejuvenated, happier you for your partner, your family. It will also give you plenty to talk about, if you find you have become stagnant at home. Undertaking physical activity will also enhance your libido!

Getting back into old interests, passions & hobbies will also demonstrate to your children that it’s healthy to engage in multiple activities! It will encourage them to explore their own passions & even give you & your child a new skill to learn, explore & share together, strengthening the relationship; the bond.

The Life: Love: Work balance is a difficult one to get right.

Speaking from personal experience, I can not stress enough how important it is for my own mental health, to make time for myself to pursue my hobbies, interests, aspirations and dreams.

It not only makes me healthier but freshens my relationship with my partner as well as gives me lots of interests and activities to engage with alongside my own children. 

Prioritise time with those close to you yes but ultimately prioritise yourself as well.

You can’t love anyone effectively if you don’t love yourself first!

Look after your Wellbeing.

Look after You. 

Connect. Get Active. Get Outside. Learn. Whatever it takes.

Whatever your into.

Make the Time: for You!

Keep Inspiring.

DadMan 👊🦸‍♂️👍