When Pop Culture Still Taught You Right

Written by Alex

Hey Tribe,

Welcome back!

I recently watched the 2004 movie Troy.

That masculine fest with Brad Pitt, Sean Bean (who weirdly doesn’t die), and a lot of other great actors.

If you haven’t watched it, you definitely should. Because there is a lot to learn about true masculinity, how you should set up your mind to be a real man.

And most importantly, you should watch it because such a movie wouldn’t happen anymore these days.

The power of pussy

I won’t go too deep into the story, but just set it up like this, Troy is the only empire left standing against the alliance of the Greeks. And they have huge walls, so you can’t just take the city.

Two prince-brothers of Troy sail to Sparta to make peace with them. And they accept.


The younger prince fucks the Spartan kings’ wife. I mean, you think that’s kind of ballsy, but it’s also stupid. His brother tells him, that he risks being executed by the king, her being executed, causing the biggest war there ever was, and probably killing him.

But the power of pussy, man!

I have to admit, the Queen he bangs is truly hot. Such a beauty.

But he can’t stop it. He cannot control his needs. Not only does he keep the affair, he takes her with him!

And the King quite rightfully says, “Who comes to my land, makes peace, drinks my wine, and then takes my Queen? That is not honourable!”

And he is right, and here is your first lesson: A true man never sacrifices his goals, his family, and his empire for one goddamn woman!

Now I know, there have been a lot of wars in the past sorely because someone wanted some chick. But most of the time this was due to military advancements, expansion of your empire or power, never due to nice tits.

Also, the young prince gets something wrong, a lot of you guys get wrong as well.

Scarcity mindset

Sure, Queen helen is truly fine as you would say. And maybe she is fire in bed, who knows. But there are 4 billion women out there. I’m sure there are at least 5,000 of them, who are similarly hot and skilled.

Is it worth to risk it all for one woman?

Hell nah.

This is something a weak man would do! You don’t think high enough of yourself, so that you risk it all for this one woman. Because you fear that no other might come by. Instead of thinking that there will be another one who is just as good. Or even better!

And this is key with a lot of guys these days, and I am guilty of this in the past as well. I thought I was lucky to have such a hot girl, and I would do everything, sacrifice all my hobbies and lots of friends to be with her.

I put her on a pedestal.

And while Helen in the movie is literally Queen, she is no goddess. But that is what you guys are doing. You live in a goddess - servant relationship. But woman don’t want to be worshipped, they want to be submissive. And it is weak on your part. You’re a man, why would you put yourself beneath her? And that is why she won’t fuck you.

Weak men

The young prince shows his true weakness later again. There is a bunch of scenes, but one of them is when he agrees to fight the King of Sparta one-on-one for the right of the woman. Obviously he loses, but he then doesn’t die like a true honourable man, he runs away, and clings to his brothers legs on the ground. Like a fucking loser.

His brother says “Get up and fight”, his dad says the same, and the King rightly says to Helen, “This is what you left me for?”

A fucking weak loser.

Sadly, these days we have a lot of these. Which explains a whole fucking lot in our society.

So here’s what you can learn from this great movie:

Do not be like the prince.

Don’t run away from your problems, they will chase you everywhere.

You can only fix them by facing them full-frontal.

Do not risk everything in your life for one woman.

Be an honourable man. Stand up for your mistakes and pay the price.

You probably are currently running away from problems. Maybe years old. They won’t magically disappear. They only get worse! Face them and fix them!

The rest of the movie displays a load of great men. Achilles played by Brad Pitt who is the greatest fighter there ever was. Hector, the young prince’s big brother who is the only wise person in Troy. And Sean Bean’s Character, King Odysseus.

That movie is truly a great display of what true masculinity is about. And also what real toxic masculinity like that weak mofo looks like. There are so much more scenes in there I could dissect, but this is too much for this email.

The media you consume shapes your mindset to a certain degree. Way more than you think. So I would highly recommend not watching the trash that is put out these days.

Watch such movies instead. With great men.

That portray great values.

Fight for what is right.

So you will naturally adopt their mindset.

Do the same.

And become a great man.