Why You Truly Hate Yourself

Written by Alex

Hey Tribe,

Welcome back!

“What are you talking about? I don’t hate myself.”

There’s your first reason. You lie to yourself.

Unless you are already greatly winning at life, chances are you hate yourself and your behavior to some degree.

You don’t get the things done, you need to do.

You don’t go to the gym, even though you’re putting on weight constantly.

You were out getting shitfaced drunk last weekend, although you needed to study for a test.

Whatever it may be.

You set yourself out to do something. Achieve something. But you didn’t do it.

Hence why you hate yourself for being that useless thing.

But this is a vicious cycle you need to break through.

The more you keep hating yourself, the less you manage to achieve.

Loving yourself = Discipline = Freedom

A famous quote by Jocko Willink, except for the first part. I added that.

You might have heard that quote, discipline equals freedom. It basically comes down to the fact, that if you work disciplined, get all your shit done, these things stop haunting you. They don’t lurk over your head like a Damocles Sword. You fixed your issues, got shit done. Now you have actual free time.

To do whatever you want to do. True, actual freedom in life.

But how do you discipline yourself?

It’s actually quite simple.

You start to love yourself.

Every day you choose shit that makes you hate yourself. Start to love yourself instead. Talk to yourself like another person you love, and stop them from doing that.

For example, say in your mind “I know you want to eat that pizza. And it’ll be amazing. But you’re not gonna feel good about yourself afterwards. So, you know, I love you too much to let you eat that.

“I know you wanna hang out with your friends and chug a bunch of beers. But then you won’t get your <insert XYZ here> finished as you planned. And I love you too much to fail that!

If you start talking to yourself like that, you will reverse the vicious cycle.

Self love does equal self discipline.

Once you do the things you need to do to achieve in life, you will start to truly love yourself. Because you did it. You got the shit done. You overcame your inner demons. You launched a dagger into their heart to free yourself from their chains.

And soon enough, you won’t help it but do the things you need to do. Because that feeling of being in love with yourself will be too good to not do it.

So stop hating yourself.

Stop wasting your time.

Get the shit done.

Start to love yourself.

You have something to give.

Every human as a unique gift.

Go out and find it.

Bring light into the darkness.

Add something to this society.

Once you love yourself. Others can’t help but love you, too.